2019 NC Scholastic Chess Championship

2019 NC K-12 State Chess Championship

Live Coverage: Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, March 29-31, 2019

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STEP A: First Time Player?

1. If you or your child already own a USCFID, skip to Step B.
2. If you do not own a USCFID,
3. Alternatively, obtain a membership from USCF website, get a USCFID and continue to Step B.

A USCFID is a unique United State Chess Federation membership ID assigned to a chess player. If you are uncertain wether or not you have a USCFID, then try to go to Step B. If you cannot find your player's name, then go back to Step A.

STEP B: Search by name.

1. Enter your child's first and/or last name into the search bar below. You also can search with your full USCFID.
2. If you are registering more than one player, register at a time. You will need to register multiple times for multiple players.
3. If a player's USCF membership has expired or will be expired by the time of the tournament, please renew.
4. You will not need to edit/modify the rating, it will be updated before the tournament begins.
5. You will have an option to update the school/grade.
6. If you cannot find your player in the list, use a different keyword.


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