Saturday, May 23, 2020
9:30 AM EDT
Online NC Girls Chess Tournament 2020 +
Saturday, May 23, 2020
9:30 AM EDT

Dear all North Carolina friends,


It has been more than 7 weeks we have covid-19 pandemic in our community. In results, no one could play over-the-board chess tournaments. We do not know how many more weeks or even months we have to stay home and doing most all of our activities from home including chess. While chess online and streaming have been growing tremendously high around the world, we are North Carolina chess community want to keep chess with local care and friendly games. You know that NC Girls Championship has been canceled due to the covid-19, and not just that many national chess championships have been canceled. It is sad. 

We care about North Carolina chess activities, and we care about NC Girls who love playing chess. We do not want you miss opportunity this year to be together and playing in North Carolina all girls chess tournament. While it is clear that "It is NOT the NC Girls Championship", we try to run this tournament ONLINE and will have the same fun! We are here; Chacha Chess Stream, Mark Indermaur Chess Foundation, Venkataraja "Triya and Lingaa's dad" Shanmugavadivel, Craig "DA Coach" Jones, and  Chess Kings and Queens Academy (GM Magesh Panchanathan and WFM Anuprita Patil) running this tournament for North Carolina chess girls! We also have Women section for moms and any female players to have fun playing.



When: Saturday, May 23, 2020

Where: ONLINE, from wherever you are.

Platform: (you need to have lichess account. its free)

Round: 4 rounds, Swiss, Game 25 increment 4

09:15 AM - Registration Closed. No exceptions.

09:30 AM - ROUND 1

11:00 AM - ROUND 2

Lunch Break

01:00 PM - ROUND 3

02:30 PM - ROUND 4


Sections and Category:


GIRLS OPEN - Open North Carolina Girls (scholastic/K-12 players)

GIRLS U1200 - North Carolina Girls Under rating 1200

GIRLS U700 - North Carolina Girls Under rating 700

GIRLS U300 - North Carolina Girls Under rating 300

WOMEN - Open to moms, ladies and all female players in North Carolina (USCF database).


Tournament Director reserves the right to adjust the sections based on registrations.

You will be paired using USCF Regular rating May supplement, but the games are Online Rating Only. USCF has online rating system that is different than regular Over The Board rating. It won't affect your regular rating. Most of us even do not have USCF online rating yet.

This tournament is only for North Carolina players. We are welcome new players. USCF current membership is required. If you are new, register at for your membership. We have special voucher for K-12 players. Please send us message if you need help.


Entry Fee and Prizes:

Entry fee is $5 through Paypal. 

Prizes: 4 winners on each section will have 1 hour online group session with Chess Kings and Queens Academy. They will invite you to online lessons. They may use your games and reviewing the games from the tournament. This is a good opportunity to improve your chess.


Playing Platform ( and

1. Pairing and Standing will be here in Chess.Stream

2. Playing ground will be at

3. Player needs to have account. It is free to register account in

4. On this tournament registration, you will be asked to login at lichess and approve that Chess.Stream can put you in a match with other lichess account, so we can conduct the tournament. 

5. If you have any questions, please end us message.



Stay tune for more updates!


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