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On Demand Chess Stream 7 : Advance Entries help

Tournament Date: Friday, July 17, 2020
Location: Lichess and Chess.Stream

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Section NameTotal PlayerPairing
GROUP A6Pairing
GROUP B8Pairing
all sections14 

Section USCF ID Player's Name Rating Lichess Handle
GROUP A 16442985 ANDREW H HU 1400 Doombot1228
GROUP A 17318753 WILLSON SUN 1359 willsons7
GROUP A 17078860 YIZHE ALEX ZHU 1205 littledragon_zhu
GROUP A 16972366 LAWRENCE DING 1149 Lawrence2012
GROUP A 30017148 SIHAN ZHENG 0 EpicChessMaster999
GROUP A 30017180 KUNMING CHEN 0 Kunming1
GROUP B 15467387 ZAHI SHAMS SHAIKH 1200 Squid_Cookie
GROUP B 30017112 ALLISON HUANG 0 allisonandoreo
GROUP B 30017125 GABRIELLA XZ XIANG 0 gabbyxiang
GROUP B 30017136 ANDREW FAN 0 A1289671974
GROUP B 30017196 MANDY YUE XIAO 0 mandyxiao
GROUP B 30017152 CLAIRE ZHONG 0 SilverLeopard86
GROUP B 30017164 ALLEN LIU 0 Alliuliu
GROUP B 30017174 AUDREY FAN 0 Rainflower1527
*Player who is listed as NO for reporting will play games as unrated games. Make sure the opponents know.

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