NC Standing

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6Prizes
1.SAMUEL INDERMAUR 147269171847 6W 20W 16W 6W 2W 5W 81st Place
2.ANAND PETER BHATT 135399922079 4.5W 30W 24W 13L 1D 4W 112nd Place
3.CRAIG W JONES 112642392204 4.5W 14W 18D 7L 5W 13W 63rd Place
4.ANDREW H HU 16442985965 4.5L 7W 32W 24W 9D 2W 134th place
5.ALEX CHEN 146592302155 4-H-W 9W 12W 3L 1D 7Invited
6.EMMANUEL CARTER 139939512219 4W 29W 15L 1W 14W 7L 3 
7.OJAS PANDA 150604301750 4W 4W 22D 3W 11L 6D 5 
8.ROHAN VANGA 15633917831 4W 17L 13W 10W 18W 12L 11st Class
9.NOAH ALLAIRE 16734988515 4-X-L 5W 27L 4-X-W 162nd Class
10.SARVESH SAMEER PONKSHE 154852471326 4L 22W 26L 8W 31W 15W 14 
11.ISMAYIL ISMAYILLI 154981761249 3.5W 32D 12W 15L 7W 19L 23rd Class
12.JOSEPH L GRAVES JR 124292961810 3.5W 23D 11L 5W 29L 8W 21 
13.MARK A CHAVES 129586081750 3-X-W 8L 2W 16L 3L 4 
14.TAUSIQTEJA THOKALA 166311641202 3L 3W 31W 17L 6W 18L 104th Class
15.GARY R MALTZMAN 120008801668 3W 26L 6L 11W 23L 10W 25 
16.ELI STEIN EICHNER 147812941315 3W 28L 1W 22L 13W 17L 9 
17.SEBASTIAN FENGLER 143372361621 3L 8W 25L 14W 27L 16W 28 
18.SOURISH UDAY KAVALE 163283301647 3W 31L 3W 23L 8L 14W 22 
19.CAHYONO NUGROHO 127801911747 3-U--U-W 20W 30L 11W 23 
20.SHRAVAN DASH 168333231116 2.5L 1D 29L 19L 26W 32W 30 
21.CHRISTOPHER J HOLLEY 154818141271 2.5-F--H-L 29W 22W 30L 12 
22.ABRAHAM STEIN EICHNER 14796041572 2W 10L 7L 16L 21W 26L 18 
23.AARAV TRIVEDI 164664531089 2L 12W 28L 18L 15-X-L 19 
24.CHARLES ALBERT HEUSE ROEDERER IV 153664811395 2W 27L 2L 4W 25-F--U- 
25.KIERAN COLE HRANITZKY 159657661010 2-F-L 17W 28L 24W 31L 15 
26.JAMES TATE STAPLES 14252476952 2L 15L 10L 30W 20L 22W 31 
27.TYLER ROBERT SLOMIANYJ 15445214769 2L 24W 30L 9L 17L 28W 32 
28.ZIYAD ISMAYILLI 16417212560 2L 16L 23L 25W 32W 27L 17 
29.JUDSON ROEDERER 156263201212 1.5L 6D 20W 21L 12-F--U- 
30.SAJJAN MAANAS BHAVE 148456331183 1L 2L 27W 26L 19L 21L 20 
31.RYAN ZHAO 16260086880 1L 18L 14W 32L 10L 25L 26 
32.NAVEEN NILESH DOMADIA 17330325239 0L 11L 4L 31L 28L 20L 27 

NC Pairing Round 6/6 ~ live games: 0

No.Playing WhiteLichess NamePlaying BlackLichess NameLichess BoardLiveResult
100.SAMUEL INDERMAUR (1847)swi2005ROHAN VANGA (831)RVanga2005Click Here To StartDm2K8aLw1-0
101.EMMANUEL CARTER (2219)fettywap1738CRAIG W JONES (2204)cavschess2Click Here To Start8eOmfb060-1
102.OJAS PANDA (1750)cltchampALEX CHEN (2155)Chess2AllClick Here To StartvO68muUi1/2-1/2
103.ISMAYIL ISMAYILLI (1249)IsmayilLikesChessANAND PETER BHATT (2079)AnandpkbClick Here To StartNDLFTxF50-1
104.ANDREW H HU (965)DoomBot429MARK A CHAVES (1750)kino5757Click Here To Startmx4MRM9D1-0
105.SARVESH SAMEER PONKSHE (1326)ravage05TAUSIQTEJA THOKALA (1202)TausiqTejaClick Here To StartoVeIfz1z1-0
106.NOAH ALLAIRE (515)Noah_AllaireELI STEIN EICHNER (1315)EliEichnerClick Here To StartpXoS5vV61-0
107.CHRISTOPHER J HOLLEY (1271)TorchtopherJOSEPH L GRAVES JR (1810)gravesjl1927Click Here To StartMlOM2NkN0-1
108.AARAV TRIVEDI (1089)Aarav29CAHYONO NUGROHO (1747)ChessStream3Click Here To StartptnF4uDQ0-1
109.KIERAN COLE HRANITZKY (1010)Peebs0226GARY R MALTZMAN (1668)PangraClick Here To StartWo9s2aeb0-1
110.ABRAHAM STEIN EICHNER (572)avramkeeperSOURISH UDAY KAVALE (1647)Sourish_KavaleClick Here To Start8MI8JLeP0-1
111.ZIYAD ISMAYILLI (560)ZiyadZiyadSEBASTIAN FENGLER (1621)battanClick Here To StartzkCgBHlX0-1
112.SAJJAN MAANAS BHAVE (1183)UpbeatSharkSHRAVAN DASH (1116)dugguClick Here To StartyXamQqe40-1
113.RYAN ZHAO (880)rczhao10JAMES TATE STAPLES (952)WaryPetClick Here To StartEkC4WWkC0-1
JUDSON ROEDERER (1212) ~ BYE with Score : 0

Check your pairing, and "Click Here To Start" to sit down at your table. Only players in the pairing can play the board. If somehow you cancel (X) the board before started, TD needs to re-create the board. Message us on chat room. If your board is "Start Manual", WHITE needs to challenge BLACK with correct setting. If you need to know how to do that, read How To Play at the bottom of the page. If your board is "Wait ... TD is creating the board", then just wait because your board will be ready soon. There won't be any re-pairings. Once you see pairing is up, we stick to it. If any results from previous round were incorrect, please message chat room. Message on chat room if you withdrawing from tournament. Have fun!

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Drew, H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye, X = won/forfeit, F = lost/forfeit, N/U = No Playing