Current Rating: 2472
Location: NJ, USA
Current Rating: 2432
Location: NY, USA
Schedule to play in Round 3: Friday, 27 December 2019; 06:00 PM

Head to Head match:
Time SpanTotal GamesJACOBSON wondrawKORLEY won
Last 12 Months7232
Lifetime Record12435

Head to other players match:
Time SpanOpponent's namevs JACOBSONvs KORLEY
Last 12 MonthsALEKSANDR OSTROVSKIY72324121
Last 12 MonthsGAURI SHANKAR32103021
Last 12 MonthsKEVIN WANG20112011
Last 12 MonthsDAVID BERCZES20202002
Last 12 MonthsJENNIFER R YU22002011
Last 12 MonthsDAVID BRODSKY32013030
Last 12 MonthsADVAIT PATEL21102011
Last 12 MonthsANDREW ZHANG HONG20023111
Last 12 MonthsHEDINN STEINGRIMSSON20201001
Last 12 MonthsYAROSLAV ZHEREBUKH10102110
Last 12 MonthsCHRISTOPHER WOOJIN YOO32103111
Last 12 MonthsVINCENT TSAY33003300
Last 12 MonthsTANGUY RINGOIR31113030
Last 12 MonthsDJURABEK KHAMRAKULOV21014040
Lifetime RecordMICHAEL A ROHDE1563617269
Lifetime RecordJAY BONIN31811123351117
Lifetime RecordOLIVER CHERNIN1181210505
Lifetime RecordVLADIMIR POLYAKIN83237700
Lifetime RecordBORIS PRIVMAN48161121141130
Lifetime RecordJUAN SENA1310218611
Lifetime RecordLEIF PRESSMAN9225197210
Lifetime RecordMARK PARAGUA811613256
Lifetime RecordALEKSANDR OSTROVSKIY1336417494
Lifetime RecordJOSHUA COLAS82068431

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