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Spring 2019 GM/IM Norm Invitational : Pairing and Standings help

Tournament Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 12:00 AM - Sunday, March 24, 2019 12:00 AM
Location: Charlotte Chess Center
Spring 2019 GM/IM Norm Invitational
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No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6Rnd7Rnd8Rnd9
1DAVID BERCZES 1371473524616.5W 9W 3D 2D 6W 8D 5D 7W 10D 4
2BRANDON JACOBSON 1416006524556L 3D 6D 1L 8W 5W 7W 10W 4W 9
3KASSA KORLEY 1283267924375.5W 2L 1W 8D 5D 7W 10D 4D 9D 6
4ADVAIT PATEL 1447238624705W 8D 5W 7D 10W 6L 9D 3L 2D 1
5TANGUY RINGOIR 1549102125104.5W 10D 4D 9D 3L 2D 1D 8D 6D 7
6ANGEL ARRIBAS 1587474124434.5D 7D 2D 10D 1L 4W 8D 9D 5D 3
7ROHAN AHUJA 1569160223804D 6D 10L 4W 9D 3L 2D 1D 8D 5
8ALEKSANDR OSTROVSKIY 1288111224533.5L 4D 9L 3W 2L 1L 6D 5D 7W 10
9GAURI SHANKAR 1290902523783.5L 1D 8D 5L 7D 10W 4D 6D 3L 2
10CHRISTOPHER YOO 1524494324262L 5D 7D 6D 4D 9L 3L 2L 1L 8
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Perf. = Tournament rating performance,
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TableColorPlayer's NameResultUSCFRatingOpponent's NameRatingUSCFColorStatistic

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Draw,
H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye,
X = won/forfeit, F = list/forfeit, N = No Playing