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Chess2All Charity Relief 4 Beirut : Pairing and Standings help

Tournament Date: Saturday, August 15, 2020
Location: Relief 4 Beirut

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No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1CHRISTOPHER YOO 1524494325405.5W 34W 30W 18D 2W 4W 5
2GADIR GUSEINOV 1734359027105W 20W 13W 3D 1D 5W 8
3JUSTIN PAUL 1432342023905W 24W 15L 2W 19W 18W 10
4TIANQI WANG 1409936123824.5W 35W 31D 5W 25L 1W 13
5ALEX LENDERMAN 1278764627174W 32W 9D 4W 8D 2L 1
6PRAVEEN BALAKRISHNAN 1405667326124W 22L 10W 15W 9L 8W 14
7CARISSA YIP 1451463624934W 23W 14L 8L 10W 19W 18
8JASON P MOREFIELD 1517093623374W 21W 19W 7L 5W 6L 2
9JOSEPH WAN 1402394022574W 27L 5W 34L 6W 32W 17
10SERKAN SALIK 1492797022204W 33W 6L 25W 7W 12L 3
11ZACHARY WILLIAM SAUN HUNTER 1352509219514L 13W 20W 31L 12W 35W 22
12RAGHAV VENKAT 1466823323033.5L 16D 17W 26W 11L 10W 25
13JASON YU 1475943622203.5W 11L 2D 14W 24W 25L 4
14RYAN LUO 1521017122033.5W 37L 7D 13W 35W 30L 6
15NEO ZHU 1454689521743.5W 29L 3L 6W 34D 22W 26
16ARYA KUMAR 1576867220243.5W 12L 18D 30W 31H 39H 39
17JENNIFER YU 1411795023973D 25D 12L 19W 20W 21L 9
18SAMSON BENEN 1255773523653W 26W 16L 1W 21L 3L 7
19ALEX CHEN 1465923021553W 38L 8W 17L 3L 7W 27
20GARRETT HELLER 1452378221343L 2L 11W 36L 17W 33W 32
21ALICE DONG 1339805120523L 8W 38W 33L 18L 17W 30
22ESHAN GUHA 1547318221292.5L 6D 27W 37D 30D 15L 11
23BENJAMIN YAN 1504764420852.5L 7L 33W 38L 32D 31W 35
24ANAND PETER P BHATT 1353999220792.5L 3D 37W 27L 13L 26W 34
25GANESH KUMARAPPAN 1492028120792.5D 17W 32W 10L 4L 13L 12
26DONALD JOHNSON 1612628120652.5L 18D 29L 12W 33W 24L 15
27SOUNAK BAGCHI 1574498419952.5L 9D 22L 24W 36W 29L 19
28MICHAEL GUAN 1564123719142.5L 30L 34L 32W 37W 36D 31
29AARUSH TIPPA 1575125317652.5L 15D 26L 35W 38L 27W 37
30ALAN ZHANG 1443087022112W 28L 1D 16D 22L 14L 21
31ROBIN CUNNINGHAM 1147538822022W 36L 4L 11L 16D 23D 28
32EVAN MAXWELL LING 1469995821502L 5L 25W 28W 23L 9L 20
33NOPRIYADI TAN 1735294319282L 10W 23L 21L 26L 20W 38
34ARIA HOESLEY 1463104620911.5L 1W 28L 9L 15D 37L 24
35PATRICK SCIACCA 1123561120681.5L 4D 36W 29L 14L 11L 23
36VICTOR WANG 1404910517881.5L 31D 35L 20L 27L 28B 39
37JERRY XUE 1588616818881L 14D 24L 22L 28D 34L 29
38KEVIN YANG 1591124617271L 19L 21L 23L 29B 39L 33
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Rating = Rating used in the tournament,
Perf. = Tournament rating performance,
New Rating = Estimation of next rating after we report results to USCF. help


TableColorPlayer's NameResultUSCFRatingOpponent's NameRatingUSCFColorStatisticLichess Board
100WhiteCHRISTOPHER YOO W152449432540ALEX LENDERMAN 271712787646BlackBoard
101WhiteGADIR GUSEINOV W173435902710JASON P MOREFIELD 233715170936BlackBoard
102WhiteSERKAN SALIK L149279702220JUSTIN PAUL 239014323420BlackBoard
103WhiteTIANQI WANG W140993612382JASON YU 222014759436BlackBoard
104WhiteRYAN LUO L152101712203PRAVEEN BALAKRISHNAN 261214056673BlackBoard
105WhiteSAMSON BENEN L125577352365CARISSA YIP 249314514636BlackBoard
106WhiteJOSEPH WAN W140239402257JENNIFER YU 239714117950BlackBoard
BYEARYA KUMAR H157686722024 
107WhiteZACHARY WILLIAM SAUN HUNTER W135250921951ESHAN GUHA 212915473182BlackBoard
109WhiteNEO ZHU W145468952174DONALD JOHNSON 206516126281BlackBoard
108WhiteGANESH KUMARAPPAN L149202812079RAGHAV VENKAT 230314668233BlackBoard
110WhiteALEX CHEN W146592302155SOUNAK BAGCHI 199515744984BlackBoard
112WhiteGARRETT HELLER W145237822134EVAN MAXWELL LING 215014699958BlackBoard
111WhiteALICE DONG W133980512052ALAN ZHANG 221114430870BlackBoard
113WhiteROBIN CUNNINGHAM D114753882202MICHAEL GUAN 191415641237BlackBoard
115WhiteBENJAMIN YAN W150476442085PATRICK SCIACCA 206811235611BlackBoard
114WhiteANAND PETER P BHATT W135399922079ARIA HOESLEY 209114631046BlackBoard
116WhiteAARUSH TIPPA W157512531765JERRY XUE 188815886168BlackBoard
117WhiteNOPRIYADI TAN W173529431928KEVIN YANG 172715911246BlackBoard
BYEVICTOR WANG B140491051788 

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Draw,
H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye,
X = won/forfeit, F = list/forfeit, N = No Playing