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PARENTS PLAY FOR FREE 8 : Registration help

Tournament Date: Sunday, January 05, 2014 (9:30 AM - 3:00 PM)
Location: Smith Middle School, Chapel Hill, NC

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Tournament Director Notes:
We would like to make more series of "Parents Play For Free" after 1 month on "September Vacation". We are coming back with more tournaments. How does "Parents Play For Free" work? Do parents need to have rating? Do parents need to have USCFID? Will I play against my kid? Any money prize? Here how it works:

Parents do not need to have rating to start playing in our chess tournaments, but parents need to have USCF ID. Usually, you can get family membership discount if you register at USCF under family membership plans.

For new players/parents, If by the time of the tournament starts, and you do not have time to register at USCHESS.ORG for USCFID, we can register for you. It is $15 for 3 months memberships, or $40 for 1 year membership. That will cover any US chess tournaments during the period.

For new parents who does not have any ratings yet, we will put you in groups around 800-1000 level. If you want to play in higher sections, you are welcome.

You will not be paired against your kid. The system will allow us to put you in a team with your kid, so you will not play against your kid, unless you request to disable that feature.

For upper sections. We are trying to put adults and scholastic players in the same sections, quad. We are avoiding a quad that has only adults, or only kids. This is the goal of the tournament. We are providing kids the best experience playing with adults, so any skill level of parents are really welcome.

We do not have any money prize. Trophies and medals are given for first winner and second winner. If players play in 5 or more players in the section, 3rd winner will get a medal. We have chess key chains for medal alternatives too.

Time controls. It is G/40;d5 (game 40 minutes on each clock with 5 seconds delay) for all sections. We start next rounds soon as previous round finish. If you want to leave for the lunch and may be late, please let me know. We provide pizza and soft drink onside at lunch time.

Free side games (for tournament entrants, or $1x2 per match of you are not registered for main event)! Games may be adjourned during the tournament, but has to be finished during the day. Please ask me more detail.

Playing area is in cafeteria, and no tables will have any numbers. Please choose your own table to make your game comfortable because we have lower sections changing rounds between the upper one. Side tables are the best to avoid distractions.

School has free Wi-Fi for you to connect to internet while you are waiting your kid playing. Ask me for the access.

Cash, check or credit card payment, onsite only. If check, payable to SSCH. If credit card, no additional for paying tournament entry fee, but $1 for every $25.00 if you pay for USCF membership fee.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me by email. If you have been registered and somehow you cancel, please give me a call or just drop me emails so your kids won't get paired. I am able to read your email in the last minutes before the tournament starts.

Please checked previous Parents Play For Free results, winning teams and photos. PPFF1, PPFF2, PPFF3, PPFF4.

Chacha Nugroho, cellphone: (828) 413-0303
USCFID #12780191

Registration is closed.