2018 NC Girls Chess Championship Live Coverage:
Saturday, April 14, 2018
The Spot, 910 Tarboro St. W.
Wilson, NC 27893


4 Rounds completed

#PNPlayer's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4TBrk1TBrk2TBrk3TBrk4
11ARSHI DATTA 161888154897.5W 15W 15W 18W 18W 4D 4W 7W 7313434.5171
22BRIANNA LI 164237655817W 14W 14W 7L 7W 16W 16W 8W 8303331177
33ALICE GAO 164420435256W 5W 5L 8L 8W 10W 10W 16W 16323525162
44SHAIVI RAMISETTI 153205105515.5W 20W 20W 13W 13L 1D 1W 6L 6343629.5171
55SARAH MANAVI 152092153305.5L 3L 3W 9W 9D 17W 17W 18W 18293219138
67MEAGAN WILSON 164743914565W 10W 10L 2W 2W 13W 13L 1L 140.54427193
78CORA MCANULTY 164744263315W 9W 9W 3W 3L 6W 6L 2L 2404429180
86SELAH GABRIELLE EDWARDS 164654865915W 11L 11W 12W 12W 8L 8L 4W 432.53624175
99ARUSHI NAYYAR 158841835824L 8L 8L 5L 5W 22W 22W 19W 1920.52610122
1011DELANEY ALEESE ETIENNE 161199433674L 6W 6L 16L 16L 12W 12W 21W 21202713133
1110NISHI SHAH 163954254234L 7L 7W 22W 22L 3L 3W 20W 20202614124
1212ARIANNA LAUGHINGHOUSE 159086625093.5D 19W 19L 6L 6W 11L 11L 14W 14253016127
1314REAGAN ELIZABETH JONES 164656164133.5L 2L 2W 21D 21L 18W 18W 12L 12243113.5147
1413AROYAH GRANT 165248404763.5W 22W 22L 4L 4L 7L 7D 17W 1721.52717143
1515ISABELLA FAYE PARKERSON 1669626503.5L 1L 1L 20W 20D 21L 21W 22W 2215.52310104
1616ALICIA OKONKWO 158965575363W 17L 17W 11W 11L 2L 2L 3L 3334019168
1718LAUREN VALLE 1664278203W 21W 21L 1L 1W 14L 14L 5L 529.53719149
1817KATHERINE OKONKWO 158965843303L 16W 16L 19W 19D 5L 5D 13L 1323.52915136
1919SAAKSHI AVANTIKA SAMPATH 157647042652.5D 12L 12W 17L 17L 20W 20L 9L 9212513102
2020EMILY LIU 157164943312L 4L 4W 15L 15W 19L 19L 10L 1025.53110133
2121TINASHE WILLIAMS 1664281702L 18L 18L 14D 14D 15W 15L 11L 1124287.5111
2222ROSIE RICHARDSON 1664276100L 13L 13L 10L 10L 9L 9L 15L 1526300102

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Draw,
H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye,
X = won/forfeit, F = list/forfeit, N = No Playing
TBrk1:Modified Median, TBrk2:Solkoff, TBrk3:Cumulative, TBrk4:Cumulative Opponent

For double games section team contribution:
0.5 pts score for 1-1, 1 pts for score is 2-0 or 1.5-0.5, and 0 score if losing 0-2 or 0.5-1.5.

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