This page is dedicated to JUNJIE DENG who won Sunday Sunlight 1, August 6, 2017 , and here is the crosstable of his win:

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1.JUNJIE DENG 164052181828 5.5W 8W 6W 2W 3D 4W 9
2.BILL CLAUSEN 125526671645 5W 15W 5L 1W 8W 3W 4
3.RJ RAYNOE 147556471369 4W 7W 4W 9L 1L 2W 8
4.JEFFREY M LACOMB 135403501877 3.5W 11L 3W 5W 9D 1L 2
5.PATRICK TENORIO 133552531275 3.5W 12L 2L 4W 7D 6W 13
6.ALAN ANDUX 162302431377 3.5W 10L 1L 12W 14D 5W 11
7.GASPAR GAMEZ GAMEZ 16138702861 3.5L 3D 11W 15L 5W 10W 12
8.SUSHMA DASARI 154387881178 3L 1W 10W 14L 2W 12L 3
9.CAHYONO NUGROHO 127801911612 3W 13W 16L 3L 4W 11L 1
10.RYAN MILLER 159694931034 3L 6L 8W 13W 16L 7W 15
11.BRIAN LIANG 145150541181 2.5L 4D 7W 16W 12L 9L 6
12.LIOR MEDVINSKY 15360460707 2L 5W 13W 6L 11L 8L 7
13.CHRISTOPHER J HOLLEY 154818141121 2L 9L 12L 10W 15W 14L 5
14.VICTOR ZHANG 15729678698 2 W 15L 8L 6L 13W 16
15.KAI SUNG FORBACH 153174061124 1L 2L 14L 7L 13W 16L 10
16.DEREK MILLER 16035993309 1-B-L 9L 11L 10L 15L 14

JUNJIE DENG scored 5.5 out of 6 rounds in a quick rated tournament with a total of 16 players and an average rating of 1200. Congratulations to him on his performance.