This page is dedicated to NAVEEN PRABHU who won Sunday Sunlight 5, October 15, 2017 , and here is the crosstable of his win:

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1.NAVEEN PRABHU 149492841711 5.5W 9W 4W 2D 3W 7W 5
2.CAHYONO NUGROHO 127801911636 4.5W 6W 7L 1W 4D 3W 9
3.ALFRED YE 151826151377 4.5W 10W 9D 4D 1D 2W 7
4.RJ RAYNOE 147556471478 3.5W 8L 1D 3L 2W 9W 10
5.PHILIPPE A DERFEUIL 164504351041 3L 7W 6L 9W 11W 8L 1
6.AFIF RAHMAN 151168681254 3L 2L 5W 10L 7-B-W 11
7.PATRICK TENORIO 133552531496 2.5W 5L 2D 8W 6L 1L 3
8.SOHAM JAYESH PATEL 14600016975 2.5L 4W 10D 7L 9L 5-B-
9.CHRISTOPHER J HOLLEY 154818141117 2L 1L 3W 5W 8L 4L 2
10.ARNOLD ELAMTHURUTHIL 15732871621 2L 3L 8L 6-B-W 11L 4
11.AKHILESH BOPPUDI 15998923250 1 -B-L 5L 10L 6

NAVEEN PRABHU scored 5.5 out of 6 rounds in a quick rated tournament with a total of 11 players and an average rating of 1178. Congratulations to him on his performance.