This page is dedicated to ROBIN CUNNINGHAM who won Sunday Sunlight 3, September 10, 2017 , and here is the crosstable of his win:

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1.ROBIN CUNNINGHAM 114753882148 6W 7W 6W 4W 3W 10W 5
2.RJ RAYNOE 147556471354 5W 17L 4W 18W 16W 3W 9
3.SRAVANKUMAR GADEPALLY 164369611402 4W 9W 10W 5L 1L 2W 11
4.NAVEEN PRABHU 149492841682 4W 21W 2L 1W 8L 5W 10
5.BILL CLAUSEN 125526671723 4W 11W 8L 3W 13W 4L 1
6.JUSTIN LOCKETT 149948931454 4W 16L 1W 21L 10W 15W 12
7.YOGYA KONERU 154904251266 3.5L 1W 14L 15W 17D 8W 16
8.PATRICK TENORIO 133552531328 3.5W 20L 5W 14L 4D 7W 15
9.SRIKANTH KONERU 16000075983 3.5L 3W 12W 17D 15W 24L 2
10.MR. CHARLES JOSEPH POLE 100443161743 3W 12L 3W 13W 6L 1L 4
11.EBRIMA SAMBOU 164331501200 3L 5L 16W 23W 14W 13L 3
12.MARY ELIZABETH TRACY 156218251204 3L 10L 9W 22W 18W 19L 6
13.ALAN ANDUX 162302431305 3W 23W 15L 10L 5L 11W 19
14.ABHIRAM YERUVA 15572165980 3W 19L 7L 8L 11W 22W 20
15.CAHYONO NUGROHO 127801911632 2.5W 18L 13W 7D 9L 6L 8
16.ADITYA MUKHERJEE 153441301013 2.5L 6W 11W 19L 2D 21L 7
17.SAI KHUSHAL DULAM 16328351953 2.5L 2W 24L 9L 7D 18W 23
18.HARVIK KOLLA 153091181055 2.5L 15W 23L 2L 12D 17W 21
19.JASON WILKES 164383401400 2L 14W 20L 16W 21L 12L 13
20.JOSEPH M GUARASCIO 12633587916 2L 8L 19W 24L 22W 23L 14
21.VENKAT SHANMUGAVADIVEL 147143921168 1.5L 4W 22L 6L 19D 16L 18
22.ANISH VELAGAPUDI 15998938492 1.5 L 21L 12W 20L 14D 24
23.NICHOLAS GUARASCIO 16158836487 1L 13L 18L 11W 24L 20L 17
24.AKHILESH BOPPUDI 15998923250 0.5 L 17L 20L 23L 9D 22

ROBIN CUNNINGHAM scored 6 out of 6 rounds in a quick rated tournament with a total of 24 players and an average rating of 1214. Congratulations to him on his performance.