Live Coverage: Fall 2017 CCCSA GM-IM Norm Invitational, March 29 - April 2, 2017 Junior Invitational
Current Rating: 2527
Location: ON, USA


Current Rating: 2574
Location: NY, USA
Schedule to play in Round 2: Thursday, November 23, 2017; 12:00 PM

Head to Head match:
no match before this tournament

Head to other players match:
Time SpanOpponent's namevs PANJWANIvs CHECA
Last 12 MonthsBORIS PRIVMAN32103021
Last 12 MonthsJUAN SENA11001100
Last 12 MonthsYAACOV NOROWITZ10101010
Last 12 MonthsAWONDER LIANG10102110
Last 12 MonthsAKSHAT CHANDRA11001010
Last 12 MonthsYUANCHEN ZHANG10101010
Last 12 MonthsSERGEI AZAROV10102020
Last 12 MonthsNICLAS HUSCHENBETH10101001
Last 12 MonthsYAROSLAV ZHEREBUKH21012011
Last 12 MonthsANDREY GOROVETS10102020
Lifetime RecordJAY RICHARD BONIN303024987
Lifetime RecordBORIS PRIVMAN321011236
Lifetime RecordJUSTIN JOSEPH SARKAR631210055

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