Live Coverage: Fall 2017 CCCSA GM-IM Norm Invitational, March 29 - April 2, 2017 Junior Invitational
Current Rating: 2437
Location: IL, USA


Current Rating: 2361
Location: IL, USA

Head to Head match:
Time SpanTotal GamesSHANKAR wondrawYOUNG won
Last 12 Months2020
Lifetime Record202126

Head to other players match:
Time SpanOpponent's namevs SHANKARvs YOUNG
Last 12 MonthsMICHAEL A BROOKS20202020
Last 12 MonthsDOUG D ECKERT20202110
Last 12 MonthsLEFONG HUA20202011
Last 12 MonthsVLADIMIR GEORGIEV20112011
Last 12 MonthsSETH HOMA10103021
Last 12 MonthsJOSHUA COLAS21102020
Last 12 MonthsRACHEL J ULRICH22002110
Last 12 MonthsAKHIL KALGHATGI10102020
Last 12 MonthsMATTHEW WENDELL LARSON10101010
Last 12 MonthsVITALY NEIMER21102011
Last 12 MonthsAARON GRABINSKY11001001
Lifetime RecordMICHAEL A BROOKS303010154
Lifetime RecordALBERT C CHOW83322815112
Lifetime RecordDOUG D ECKERT40408341
Lifetime RecordALEXANDER SHABALOV30128314
Lifetime RecordFLORIN FELECAN12075201154
Lifetime RecordIGOR TSYGANOV31119522
Lifetime RecordVLADIMIR GEORGIEV40138026
Lifetime RecordALEKSANDA STAMNOV30212912143
Lifetime RecordMEHMED PASALIC13157192161
Lifetime RecordSETH HOMA302112462
Lifetime RecordTREVOR S MAGNESS532010640
Lifetime RecordERIC S ROSEN52039351
Lifetime RecordGOPAL MENON30219531
Lifetime RecordVISHNUVARDHAN ARJUN14113013391
Lifetime RecordMESGEN AMANOV511316394

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