Live Coverage: Spring 2018 CCCSA GM-IM Norm Invitational, March 28 - April 1, 2018 Junior Invitational
Current Rating: 2260
Location: IL, USA


Current Rating: 2315
Location: IL, USA

Head to Head match:
Time SpanTotal GamesYOUNG wondrawSHANKAR won
Lifetime Record216132

Head to other players match:
Time SpanOpponent's namevs YOUNGvs SHANKAR
Last 12 MonthsVLADIMIR GEORGIEV20112011
Last 12 MonthsJACOB FURFINE20202110
Last 12 MonthsRACHEL J ULRICH21102200
Last 12 MonthsCHRISTOPHER WOOJIN YOO20022110
Last 12 MonthsAREN C EMRIKIAN11001100
Lifetime RecordMICHAEL A BROOKS101543030
Lifetime RecordALBERT C CHOW28151128332
Lifetime RecordDOUG D ECKERT83414040
Lifetime RecordALEXANDER SHABALOV83143012
Lifetime RecordFLORIN FELECAN20115412075
Lifetime RecordIGOR TSYGANOV95223111
Lifetime RecordVLADIMIR GEORGIEV80264013
Lifetime RecordALEKSANDA STAMNOV29121433021
Lifetime RecordMEHMED PASALIC19216113157
Lifetime RecordSETH HOMA124623021
Lifetime RecordTREVOR S MAGNESS106405320
Lifetime RecordERIC S ROSEN103525203
Lifetime RecordGOPAL MENON95314031
Lifetime RecordVISHNUVARDHAN ARJUN13391141130
Lifetime RecordMESGEN AMANOV163945113

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