Live Coverage: Summer 2018 CCCSA GM-IM Norm Invitational, January 11 - 15, 2018
Current Rating: 2570
Location: OK, USA


Current Rating: 2491
Location: NY, USA
Schedule to play in Round 9: Sunday, June 10, 2018; 4:00 PM

Head to Head match:
Time SpanTotal GamesPATEL wondrawMANDIZHA won
Last 12 Months1010

Head to other players match:
Time SpanOpponent's namevs PATELvs MANDIZHA
Last 12 MonthsAWONDER LIANG20111010
Last 12 MonthsBRYCE TIGLON21011100
Last 12 MonthsARTHUR GUO11001100
Last 12 MonthsHOLDEN HERNANDEZ11001001
Last 12 MonthsANDREY GOROVETS11001010
Last 12 MonthsCHRISTOPHER WOOJIN YOO10011001
Last 12 MonthsTANGUY RINGOIR10102011
Last 12 MonthsVLADIMIR BELOUS10101001
Last 12 MonthsNIKOLA NESTOROVIC11002020
Lifetime RecordCONRAD HOLT52034022
Lifetime RecordRUIFENG LI51044112
Lifetime RecordAWONDER LIANG61237322
Lifetime RecordAKSHAT CHANDRA30124022

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