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Myers Park High School

Players Games

Scholastic Players:

#USCF IDStudent NameGender*Current RatingGradeGames
115553542JAKE BAUGHM134611 2 games
215269126ALEX TANGM108212 
315274477NOAH BADIRM105012 
414844315BRENDEN PINKLEYM102412 
515074451ARHAN AMRITHM100912 
615422598SANTOSH GONTLAM97512 
730173582CARTER EDWARDSM88612 
814742772SANDERSON ALTICK SKARDONM72712 2 games
1014767840CAROLINE DARWINF64512 
1114971842JULIA CAMPBELLF56112 
1215558114WILSON LE NGUYENM43012 
1315333784RISHABH SINGHM36212 
1415275307GRAHAM MELLONM24012 1 game
1515155051VAIBHAV SINGHALM21912 
1614837502ELLEN K PRITCHARDF17312 

If you know any players who have wrong school information (name or grade), please tell us here. Gender information is pulled from USCF, so if it is not correct please let USCF know first and then let us know to update in our database.