Live Coverage: Summer 2018 CCCSA GM-IM Norm Invitational, January 11 - 15, 2018
Current Rating: 2548
Location: MA, USA


Current Rating: 2506
Location: MA, USA
Schedule to play in Round 2: Thursday, June 7, 2018; 12:00 PM

Head to Head match:
Time SpanTotal GamesSHMELOV wondrawBRATTAIN won
Lifetime Record9360

Head to other players match:
Time SpanOpponent's namevs SHMELOVvs BRATTAIN
Last 12 MonthsNICOLAS CHECA10101010
Last 12 MonthsNITHIN KAVI22001100
Last 12 MonthsADVAIT PATEL10101100
Last 12 MonthsCARISSA SHIWEN YIP21101010
Last 12 MonthsALEX YU32101100
Last 12 MonthsJERRY LI33003120
Lifetime RecordCHRISTOPHER W CHASE1173118549
Lifetime RecordLAWYER TIMES23166118837
Lifetime RecordDAVID VIGORITO1565415249
Lifetime RecordALEXANDER IVANOV2521496231
Lifetime RecordSTEVEN WINER92526033
Lifetime RecordILYA KRASIK2017127502
Lifetime RecordCHARLES RIORDAN197847331
Lifetime RecordCHRIS WILLIAMS128227610
Lifetime RecordFARZAD ABDI1510416312
Lifetime RecordGRANT Y XU65018431
Lifetime RecordANDREW LIU103708341
Lifetime RecordCARISSA SHIWEN YIP93515311

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