2019 US Masters and NC Open

Coverage Completed: August 21-25, 2019 from Greensboro, North Carolina

Broadcasting Policies and Sponsors

Broadcasting Policies and Sponsors Needed in 2019 US Masters and NC Open

1. We understand how important it is to promote our chess activities to the Internet audience, and we will continue broadcasting our chess games LIVE during the tournament as we have done in previous years.

2. With the resources we have, we do our best to broadcast the top games. Thank you to Charlotte Chess Center, North Carolina Chess Association and ChessStream for bringing their DGT boards to these tournaments.

3. During the 2019 tournament, we will broadcast the top 7 boards from the US Masters and the top 2 boards from the North Carolina Open.

4. Outside of the 9 top boards, we will still have several more DGT boards. We are looking for sponsors who would like to make them live boards by helping sponsor the tournaments. Please read points no. 8-11 for sponsorship information.

5. Even though it is not required by FIDE or USCF, all our live broadcasting will have 2-moves delay by default. The first move will be broadcast online only after the third move is made on the board, and so forth. This is a security measure, but will still make the live games enjoyable to watch.

6. We discourage any public chess engine analysis and discussion of live games while they are being played. If you analyze any live games using a chess engine, please make sure that it is only for your own personal use and if you are doing it at the tournament hotel, please do it in private place. If you are interested in providing live commentary, please let us know. After each game is completed, you are free to post the game with chess engine analysis to your blog or any social media.

7. We do not put our live PGN in a public URL where a website might relay our live games to a different website. If your website is interested in relaying our live games, either by live PGN or manual copy, please contact us to discuss the appropriate process. We can provide you our live PGN, but we still discourage any public chess engine analysis during a live game.

8. As mentioned in point no. 4 above, we are looking sponsors to help broadcast more live games. By donating $150, we can add 1 live board to the US Masters for all 9 rounds. By donating $100, we can add 1 live board to the NC Open all 5 rounds. When you are a sponsor, you have the option to choose your favorite player to play on that board for all rounds. We will assign a fixed table number to your favorite player. If you choose this option, you must use the same player in all rounds. So, if you are interested in seeing the live games of your student, coach, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, favorite master, this is a good way to honor and sponsor them :) We offer a "money back guarantee" if for technical reasons we are unable to broadcast the sponsored board. Any player may be sponsored to play at a live board, including the under section (U2000, U1700, U1400) players in the NC Open. Under FIDE/USCF rules, the organizer has the right to tell players where to sit and play, so sponsored players cannot refuse to play on a DGT board if the organizer assigns them to play on a sponsored board. We will put a sign on the table that a player is being sponsored at that table, so he/she will stay at that table for all rounds regardless of their score.

Donate $150 to put this following player on additional LIVE board in US Masters all rounds:
USCF ID# or Player name:
(please enter USCFID/Player Name, add to cart, and checkout on Paypal)


Donate $100 to put this following player on LIVE board in NC Open (any sections) all rounds:
USCF ID# or Player name
(please enter USCFID/Player Name, add to cart, and checkout on Paypal)

9. If the sponsoring party is a company or a website, we can put a small banner 345x55 pixels under the live game to link back to your website.

10. If there are any unsponsored DGT boards, we will put them up for a auction on each round. The highest bidders (Dutch auction if more than 1 board) will be the winners. Minimum bid is $1, maximum bid is $50 (first bid first serve if same amount of donation) for next round. Fund can be transferred by cash onsite, or Paypal payment after the round started. So, this is almost same as no.8 instead of sponsoring all rounds, you can sponsor a live board before every the round starts. For example after seeing the pairing, you see interesting match, you can make the pair on live board by sponsoring it. The minimum bid is only $1, and the bidding system is easy. Just provide name, phone and email, you can bid in the auction. We will not hold an auction for the NC Open for every round. The auction is only forthe US Masters.

11. We are still open to any sponsorship suggestions; please do not hesitate to contact us to help support this important national tournament.

2019 US Masters and North Carolina Open organizer, Greensboro, NC