2018 US Masters and NC Open

Live Coverage: August 17-21, 2018 from Greensboro, North Carolina

STEP 1: Search by name/USCFID.

- Enter your name into the search box below. You also can search with your full USCFID.
- If you are a foreign master (GM/IM) and do not have USCFID, please contact Walter High   (wmhigh@nc.rr.com) to register.
- You won't need to edit/modify the rating, it will be updated before the tournament begins.


- Current entry fee is $249.00 for US Masters with some possible discounts.
- Current entry fee is $79.00 for all North Carolina Open sections.
- Current entry fee is $20.00 for Saturday Scholastic.
- Discount to US International Masters and North Carolina Players who will play US MASTERS.
- Additional discount to players who Washington International and play US MASTERS.
- Free entry to GM and International IM in US MASTERS.
- Free entry to GM and IM in North Carolina.

- Entry fee will be increased after Sunday, August 12, 2018, 11:59:59 PM to $299.00 for US Masters,   $95.00 for NC Open, or $25.00 for Saturday Scholastic.
- If you plan to pay entry fee using different method (other than credit card/Paypal), please register up to   the page where it has Paypal button, and do not continue. Then email Walter High   (wmhigh@nc.rr.com) the registration number and tell what the payment method will be.