It's girls time!

North Carolina Chess Association runs official State Championship for girls every year to award best chess players in the state. This time, 2015, Smith Middle School will help NCCA to run the tournament.


Girls tournament has 4 sections; Championship, U800, U500 and U250. Only North Carolina resident under K-12 is eligible for playing in girls tournament. Winner of championship section will have title girl state champion. Unrated players (player who never played in any rated USCF games) will need to use their grade to find correct section; unrated K-5 may play in U500, unrated grade 6,7,8 may play in U800, unrated grade 9 and above only play in Championship. MAY supplement rating will be used.

Team Awards!

Bring friends and families, do not just wait in waiting room. Come and play. There will be Team competition. In different room, we will run open USCF rated tournament for friends and families. Each section will have 8-12 players. Anyone who is not eligible to be in Girls tournament can join Friends and Families tournament. Players in the same team will not be paired each other. Team trophies will be given to highest scores combine of 1 Girl + 2 Players from Friends and Families. Team's name must use the girl's name either first name, last name, or middle name. Only 1 girl from girls tournament can create a team. Two or more girls in girls touranament cannot form a team. If you are interested to play in friends and families tournament, but do not know anyone in girls tournament, please register anyway. We can try to form a team for you onsite. Any players rated 1800+, please register in advance, so we can find good matches for you.

We put the best effort to build teams. We allow any 3 players to be in a team as long they are not in same section in girls sections.


Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Add to Calendar5/23/20155/23/201515NC Girls Championship, Friends and FamiliesNC Girls Championship, Friends and FamiliesSmith Middle School, 9201 Seawell School Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516trueMM/DD/YYYY


Smith Middle School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 9201 Seawell School Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Girls tournament will play in the cafeteria, and friends and families tournament will play in the hallway. Chess boards and clocks are limited. We try to provide all chess boards and clocks for girls tournament, but for friends and families tournament please bring your own set.


Onsite registration 8:00 am - 9:00 am. Late registrations will be given a half point bye for first round. Round schedule. Girls tournament: Round 1 (9:30 am), Round 2 (11:30 am), Lunch Break, Round 3 (2:00 pm), Round 4 (4:00 pm). Time control is G45/d5 (45 minutes both sides, with 5 seconds delay). Friends and families, round starts 5 minutes after girls round starts with time control G40/d5, only 3 rounds. Before round 4 starts, we will announce which teams have good chance to win team trophies.

We are trying to have girls activities between the round, specially for younger players who most likely finish early.

Special Guests

Sara Walsh, first #1 female in North Carolina will be the speaker during the tournament. On each round, Sara Walsh will run trivias and fun stuff. Door prizes and small awards will be given to winners. Sara will be floor TD in girls tournament, so she can not be in your team.

Rozalyn Katz (Author of Zaria, a cartoon character in Chess Life Magazine) will join us too giving some souveniers. Rozalyn Katz may be free to join your team.

Will join us to help the tournament run smooth, Chacha Nugroho (Chess Stream), Eric Zeigler (Smith Middle School), Jeff Jones (Coach Pig), and Venkataraja Shanmugavadivel (Scholastic Vice President).


We are expecting at least 60 girls from North Carolina to join us and play. Please check our top rating players.

Entry Fee

We have closed early registration. One registration can bring 1 free "Friend and Families" to play in the team. Second player in the team will need to pay $5 addition. We trying to bring non-girl players to play in your team in different room/tournament.

We keep entry fee $35.00, but no free t-shirt. Seats in the room are limited to 100 players, we will close registration completely if we reach 100 players. Please register here.

Pay with cash, check, credit card, or online with Paypal (no additional fee). For check, write to SSCH, and please mail to Cahyono Nugroho, 108 Christine Ct, Chapel Hill, NC 27156. Do not send check on the mail 2-3 days before the tournament.

After registration, there will be Paypal Button for you who want to pay using Paypal/Credit card. Using Paypal/Credit card is optional. Registration is closed 9:00 am onsite in the tournament and make sure you have paid, otherwise players may not get paired.

If you missed Paypal Button, you always have option to send money to email address paypal(at)dejava(dot)com.

Trophies and Awards

$500 scholastic sponsorship will be given to the winner in Championship section. No tiebreakers for sponsorship, and will be split of winners have same score. Tiebreakers only for trophies.

5 individual trophies on each section and 3 team trophies. We have added U250!.

Live Coverage

Broadcasting! We will try to bring 6-8 DGT boards and distributed in all 3 sections in girls tournament. We also provide PC tablets to anyone who want to broadcast. We collect all your games in any form (scoresheets, Monroi, PlyCount). Tell your friends, families (grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles) who can not come to the site to watch our live coverage in the internet.

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North Carolina Chess Association

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