A new tournament series in North Carolina, proudly presented by ChessStream.com! A new all integrated system to run your tournament quickly and smoothly.

Check our Sunday Sunlight schedule and pre-entries:
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  • Randomly assigned live games and unique trophies!
  • New chess tournament series! Start August 2017!
  • Triangle Chess supports Sunday Sunlight tournaments!.
  • The Charlotte Chess supports Chess Stream!
  • Watch your tournaments live at Chess Stream!

What is Sunday Sunlight?

A series of USCF tournaments only on Sundays:
  • Quick time control: G/10; d3 (ten minutes each side, 3 seconds delay).
  • All players will need to have an up-to-date USCF membership.
  • Games will affect only your quick rating. It does not affect your regular rating.
  • Six rounds swiss system, and all players are in one group.
  • If no quick rating has been established for the player yet, our pairing system may use their regular rating to match them up with opponents.
  • All USCF quick/blitz game rules apply.
  • Seats are limited. Please register early.
Please check here for our schedule and more detailed rules.

What's special about Sunday Sunlight?

We provide cool unique tournaments!

When's our next tournament?

Date: 12/10/2017. Location: Triangle Chess Center.

Please check our schedule for details pre-entries. Register soon, seats are limited.

Why play at a Sunday Sunlight tournament?

We provide several electronic boards!
  • Playing on an electronic chess board is cool.
  • You don't take notation, but you can still review your game later.
  • Your coach can help you review your game to learn from mistakes.
  • We provide free review, so you can see better moves.
  • With quick games and many rounds, Sunday Sunlight is fit to test your openings and side lines.
We currently provide online game reviews on lichess.org, here one example.

Is this an integrated system?

Yes! We designed our system to run USCF tournaments with ease:
  • Register online on the USCF website.
  • Payment can be cash/check onsite or Paypal online.
  • You will need to be checked in at least 5 minutes before start time to be paired up.
  • Unlike traditional tournaments, we won't print out pairings, but we'll have laptops onsite for you to check pairings online.
  • Report directly your result on the provided laptops.
  • Your next round pairings should be ready less than 5 minutes after the last game in the round.
  • You can see the current standings in real time, even from anywhere around the world.
  • The best games will be picked from streamed games using a computer analysis.
  • We post winners on our website for a forever digital award!
  • We will report to the USCF the same day as the tournament!

Where is it?

Triangle Chess Center
5920 South Miami Blvd, Suite 203
Morrisville, NC 27560

Please check our schedule to see dates, times and location. Add us to your calendar!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Hope to see you at the next tournament!