This page is dedicated to Chacha DeJava who won Sunday Sunlight 0, August 6, 2017 , and here is the crosstable of his win:

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1.CHACHA DEJAVA 127801911836 5.5W 8D 2W 3W 4W 7W 5
2.RJ RAYNOE 147556471542 5.5W 4D 1W 5W 10W 3W 7
3.MICHAEL DOE 990001151972 4.0W 6W 5L 1W 9L 2W 10
4.DAVID DOE 990001182000 3.5L 2W 7D 6L 1W 9W 8
5.MATTHEW DOE 990001191562 3.0W 9L 3L 2W 8W 10L 1
6.JESSICA DOE 990001171256 3.0L 3W 10D 4L 7D 8W 9
7.SOPHIE DOE 990001101711 2.0D 10L 4D 9W 6L 1L 2
8.SANYA RAYNOE 14755632720 1.5L 1L 9W 10L 5D 6L 4
9.FRANSISKA METERAY 14755626620 1.5L 5W 8D 7L 3L 4L 6
10.MARY DOE 99000116691 0.5D 7L 6L 8L 2L 5L 3

Chacha DeJava scored 5.5 out of 6 rounds in a quick rated tournament with a total of 10 players with an average rating of 1391. He won the tie breaker. Congratulations to him and his performance.

Chacha DeJava will receive a commemorated mason jar engraved with the Sunday Sunlight logo and an inscription with "Tournament Winner[number]". (It has a unique number and the link will go directly to his award page.)

commemorated mason jar