Land of the Sky XXXIII

Live Coverage: January 24-26, 2020 from Asheville, North Carolina

STEP 1: Search by name/USCFID.

- Enter your name into the search box below. You also can search with your full USCFID.
- If USCF membership has expired or will be expired by the time of the tournament, please renew.
- You won't need to edit/modify the rating, it will be updated before the tournament begins.
- If you cannot find your name in the list, use a different keyword.
- Current entry fee is $96.00 for OPEN, Asheville/U2200, or Buncombe/U1700.
- Current entry fee is $48.00 for U1200.
- Entry fee will be increased by $10 after Saturday, January 18, 2020, 11:59:59 PM.
- Blitz registration is on site only.
- We add $3 for online/card/Paypal registration to cover the credit card fee.
- Paypal account is under North Carolina Chess Association (NCCA).
- Email Wilder Wadford ( to register using snail-mail/post.