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9201 Seawell School Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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Players Games

Scholastic Players:

#USCF IDStudent NameGender*Current RatingGradeGames
114541505PERRY TSENGM15928 3 games
214084111LEO DEJONGM15048 7 games
315028513MICHAEL ZHENGXIN DAIM12957 2 games
414999753THOMAS SHUNDIM11417 3 games
514534096SHADMON ALBANM11347 1 game
615073504DANIEL XUM10898 5 games
714827470WILLIAM ZHUM10139 3 games
814872743GARY CHIENM9307 
915002154SOPHIE VAN DUINF8869 4 games
1015019724SOPHIA BENJAMINF7868 
1115981086NICHOLAS COPLANDM7727 
1214667616LOUIS DAVIDSONM7108 
1314987964RYAN COLE ZIAEEM6328 
1414849862RAFE' MANDELA WAHEEDM6169 
1515254756DAVID JAMES TANNERM50310 
1615032421ALEXANDER VAN DUINM4177 
1715032436BENJAMIN VAN DUINM2827 
1815261705CLORIS HUANM23410 

Coaches, Parents and Supporters:

USCF IDPlayer NameCurrent RatingGamesNote
13317315ANDREW DEJONG1963 brother, coach
15094207ERIC JAMES ZEIGLER III1367 3 gamesschool teacher, coach
15176220HONGPING DAI1345 23 gamesparent

If you know any players who have wrong school information (name or grade), please tell us here. Gender information is pulled from USCF, so if it is not correct please let USCF know first and then let us know to update in our database.