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9201 Seawell School Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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Players Games

Scholastic Players:

#USCF IDStudent NameGender*Current RatingGradeGames
114999753THOMAS SHUNDIM13518 3 games
215028513MICHAEL ZHENGXIN DAIM12958 2 games
316328758LINWOOD ZHAN DINGM11716 
416574026ROCKY SUNM11558 8 games
514534096SHADMON ALBANM11348 1 game
616551751ORI MOOREF10616 
715892492LUKE NIM10247 
814872743GARY CHIENM9308 
916159055YIKUAN SUNM8906 
1015981086NICHOLAS COPLANDM8818 1 game
1216039598NICAL WANGM8247 
1317024973LEO QINGZHUO DONGM7287 
1415892512EMERSON LEEM7197 1 game
1516328455IVAN ALEXANDERM6646 
1616442043ALICE GAOF6006 
1715178321DANIEL ZHANGM4946 
1816158691JACKY AUYEUNGF4368 
1915729072JADEN MUM4306 
2015032421ALEXANDER VAN DUINM4178 
2117025301AVERY COLEMAN POEM3466 
2215032436BENJAMIN VAN DUINM2828 
2499000480Nathalia J. RosalesM07 

Coaches, Parents and Supporters:

USCF IDPlayer NameCurrent RatingGamesNote
13317315ANDREW DEJONG1963 brother, coach
15094207ERIC JAMES ZEIGLER III1367 3 gamesschool teacher, coach
15176220HONGPING DAI1345 23 gamesparent

If you know any players who have wrong school information (name or grade), please tell us here. Gender information is pulled from USCF, so if it is not correct please let USCF know first and then let us know to update in our database.