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Recent USCF Tournaments in North Carolina

Tournament NameCityDatePlayersResultTournament Website
HS 9-13-21CHARLOTTEMonday, September 13, 20217USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS 91221MORRISVILLESunday, September 12, 202130USCF Crosstablewebsite
CHESS KINGS AND QUEENSCHAPEL HILLSunday, September 12, 202165USCF Crosstable-
FAYCO 23FAYETTEVILLESunday, September 12, 20216USCF Crosstable-
ACC 9-11-21CHARLOTTESaturday, September 11, 20219USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA G45 ACTIONCHARLOTTESaturday, September 11, 202137USCF Crosstablewebsite
9/11/2021HENDERSONSaturday, September 11, 20214USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, September 10, 202131USCF Crosstablewebsite
GALLBERRY GAMES 9-10-2021BAILEYFriday, September 10, 20219USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 9-6-21CHARLOTTEMonday, September 06, 20217USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS SEPT 6 2021MORRISVILLEMonday, September 06, 20218USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS SEPT 5 2021MORRISVILLESunday, September 05, 202124USCF Crosstablewebsite
FAYCO 22FAYETTEVILLESaturday, September 04, 202113USCF Crosstable-
ACC 9-4-21CHARLOTTESaturday, September 04, 202112USCF Crosstable-
LABOR DAY 2021 CCCSA GM/IM NORM INVITATICHARLOTTEThursday, September 02, 202140USCF Crosstablewebsite
8/31/2021HENDERSONTuesday, August 31, 20216USCF Crosstable-
HS 8-30-21CHARLOTTEMonday, August 30, 20213USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS 8-29-21MORRISVILLESunday, August 29, 202128USCF Crosstablewebsite
CKQ SUNDAY SCHOLASTICCARYSunday, August 29, 202120USCF Crosstable-
FAYCO 21FAYETTEVILLESaturday, August 28, 202114USCF Crosstable-
ACC 8-28-21CHARLOTTESaturday, August 28, 202111USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, August 27, 202133USCF Crosstablewebsite
GALLBERRY GAMES 8-27-2021BAILEYFriday, August 27, 202112USCF Crosstablewebsite
THE PARK AT FLAT ROCKFLAT ROCKTuesday, August 24, 202121USCF Crosstable-
8/24/2021HENDERSONTuesday, August 24, 20214USCF Crosstable-
HS 8-23-21CHARLOTTEMonday, August 23, 20214USCF Crosstable-
CKQ - TWO ROUNDERCARYSunday, August 22, 202112USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS AUG 22 2021MORRISVILLESunday, August 22, 202118USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA REVERSE ANGLE 105CHARLOTTESaturday, August 21, 202153USCF Crosstablewebsite
ACC 8-21-21CHARLOTTESaturday, August 21, 202112USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, August 20, 202137USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA MASTER TOUR CAMPCHARLOTTEFriday, August 20, 202112USCF Crosstablewebsite
SKYLAND 63CHARLOTTEWednesday, August 18, 202133USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA TUESDAY NIGHT ACTIONCHARLOTTETuesday, August 17, 202177USCF Crosstablewebsite
8/17/2021HENDERSONTuesday, August 17, 20216USCF Crosstable-
CHESS KINGS AND QUEENSCHAPEL HILLSunday, August 15, 202165USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS 8-15-21MORRISVILLESunday, August 15, 202122USCF Crosstablewebsite
ACC 8-14-21CHARLOTTESaturday, August 14, 202113USCF Crosstable-
ASHEVILLE CHESS CLUB AUGUST 2021 MIASHEVILLESaturday, August 14, 202124USCF Crosstable-
FAYCO 20FAYETTEVILLESaturday, August 14, 20218USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, August 13, 202134USCF Crosstablewebsite
08/10/2021HENDERSONTuesday, August 10, 20218USCF Crosstable-
HS 8-9-21CHARLOTTEMonday, August 09, 20216USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS 8-8-2021MORRISVILLESunday, August 08, 202133USCF Crosstablewebsite
CAROLINAS G20_0807FAYETTEVILLESaturday, August 07, 20216USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS G15_0807FAYETTEVILLESaturday, August 07, 202110USCF Crosstable-
ACC 8-7-21CHARLOTTESaturday, August 07, 202112USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, August 06, 202140USCF Crosstablewebsite
RETIRED GUYS 8-3-2021BAILEYTuesday, August 03, 202112USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 8-2-21CHARLOTTEMonday, August 02, 20216USCF Crosstable-