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Recent USCF Tournaments in North Carolina

Tournament NameCityDatePlayersResultTournament Website
HS 4-12-21CHARLOTTEMonday, April 12, 202110USCF Crosstable-
FAYCO 11FAYETTEVILLESaturday, April 10, 20219USCF Crosstable-
2ND CHARLOTTE MASTERSCHARLOTTEFriday, April 09, 202112USCF Crosstablewebsite
RETIRED GUYS REBORNWILSONWednesday, April 07, 20214USCF Crosstablewebsite
HUNTER QUEST XLIV ONLINERALEIGHWednesday, April 07, 20218USCF Crosstable-
LEGENDS OF LIGON XX ONLINERALEIGHMonday, April 05, 20215USCF Crosstable-
CHESS KINGS AND QUEENSCHAPEL HILLSunday, April 04, 202134USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS K12FAYETTEVILLESunday, April 04, 20215USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS G15FAYETTEVILLESaturday, April 03, 20217USCF Crosstable-
MATCH GAME VS OOCHARLOTTESaturday, April 03, 20212USCF Crosstable-
ACC 4-3-21CHARLOTTESaturday, April 03, 202113USCF Crosstable-
CHESSABLE K-12 CHAMPIONSHIPCHARLOTTESaturday, April 03, 2021143USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA ONLINE NORM QUALIFIER 7CHARLOTTEFriday, April 02, 202124USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 3-29-21CHARLOTTEMonday, March 29, 20218USCF Crosstable-
FAYCO 10FAYETTEVILLESaturday, March 27, 202111USCF Crosstable-
ACC 3-27-21CHARLOTTESaturday, March 27, 202113USCF Crosstable-
2021 CHARLOTTE SPRING CLASSICCHARLOTTEFriday, March 26, 2021223USCF Crosstablewebsite
HUNTER BLITZ XII ONLINE- CARLSENRALEIGHWednesday, March 24, 202116USCF Crosstable-
HS 3-22-21CHARLOTTEMonday, March 22, 20217USCF Crosstable-
ACC 3-20-21CHARLOTTESaturday, March 20, 202121USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS G5FAYETTEVILLESaturday, March 20, 20217USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS G/10FAYETTEVILLESaturday, March 20, 20217USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA ONLINE K-12 SCHOLASTICCHARLOTTESaturday, March 20, 2021138USCF Crosstablewebsite
SPRING 2021 CCCSA GM/IM NORM INVITATIONACHARLOTTEWednesday, March 17, 202120USCF Crosstablewebsite
HUNTER BLITZ XI ONLINERALEIGHWednesday, March 17, 202112USCF Crosstable-
HS 3-15-21CHARLOTTEMonday, March 15, 202110USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS_K12 - MARCHFAYETTEVILLESunday, March 14, 20216USCF Crosstable-
FAYCO 9FAYETTEVILLESaturday, March 13, 202120USCF Crosstable-
ACC 3-13-21CHARLOTTESaturday, March 13, 202119USCF Crosstable-
MINT HILL 13CHARLOTTESaturday, March 13, 20213USCF Crosstable-
HUNTER QUEST XLIIIRALEIGHWednesday, March 10, 202114USCF Crosstable-
HS 3-8-21CHARLOTTEMonday, March 08, 20218USCF Crosstable-
2021 NC K-12 CHAMPIONSHIPCHARLOTTESaturday, March 06, 2021358USCF Crosstablewebsite
3-6-21CHARLOTTESaturday, March 06, 202119USCF Crosstable-
CAROLINAS G/15FAYETTEVILLESaturday, March 06, 202115USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA ONLINE NORM QUALIFIER 6CHARLOTTEFriday, March 05, 202121USCF Crosstablewebsite
2021 NC K-12 BLITZ CHAMPIONSHIPCHARLOTTEFriday, March 05, 202148USCF Crosstablewebsite
HUNTER QUEST XLII ONLINERALEIGHWednesday, March 03, 202113USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA TUESDAY NIGHT ACTION 67CHARLOTTETuesday, March 02, 202140USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 3-1-21CHARLOTTEMonday, March 01, 202113USCF Crosstable-
LEGENDS OF LIGON XIX ONLINERALEIGHMonday, March 01, 202111USCF Crosstable-
CHESS KINGS AND QUEENSCHAPEL HILLSunday, February 28, 202165USCF Crosstable-
FEBRUARY CHARLOTTE OPEN & SCHOLASTICCHARLOTTESaturday, February 27, 2021305USCF Crosstablewebsite
FAYCO 8FAYETTEVILLESaturday, February 27, 202118USCF Crosstable-
ACC 2-27-21CHARLOTTESaturday, February 27, 202119USCF Crosstable-
BIG COOKIE 36CHARLOTTESaturday, February 27, 202110USCF Crosstable-
SKYLAND 58CHARLOTTEWednesday, February 24, 202122USCF Crosstable-
HUNTER QUEST XLI ONLINERALEIGHWednesday, February 24, 202112USCF Crosstable-
HS 2-22-21CHARLOTTEMonday, February 22, 20219USCF Crosstable-