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Recent USCF Tournaments in North Carolina

Tournament NameCityDatePlayersResultTournament Website
THE RICOCHET 162ASHEBOROTuesday, November 13, 20188USCF Crosstablewebsite
NOV 12 MINI CAMPCHARLOTTEMonday, November 12, 201818USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS NOV 11 2018MORRISVILLESunday, November 11, 201840USCF Crosstablewebsite
SIEGE OF SAVAGE'S OLD FIELDS (1775)HENDERSONVILLESaturday, November 10, 201821USCF Crosstable-
THE ASHEBORO OPEN 117ASHEBOROSaturday, November 10, 201852USCF Crosstablewebsite
SCIULLI-LYONSCHARLOTTESaturday, November 10, 20182USCF Crosstable-
21STCMSCA-JUNIOR-OPEN-2018CHARLOTTESaturday, November 10, 2018107USCF Crosstablewebsite
FUERSTMAN-HALLCHARLOTTESaturday, November 10, 20182USCF Crosstable-
WNC CHESS TEAM CHALLENGEFLETCHERSaturday, November 10, 201884USCF Crosstable-
THE OLD NORTH STATEDURHAMFriday, November 09, 201862USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA: FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, November 09, 201814USCF Crosstablewebsite
GREENSBORO BLITZ CHAMPIONSHIPGREENSBOROWednesday, November 07, 201810USCF Crosstablewebsite
QUEST33RALEIGHWednesday, November 07, 2018173USCF Crosstable-
RETIRED GUYS NOV 2018WILSONWednesday, November 07, 20188USCF Crosstablewebsite
6NOV18FAYETTEVILLETuesday, November 06, 20188USCF Crosstable-
LEGENDS OF LIGON XIIRALEIGHMonday, November 05, 201847USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS NOV 4 2018MORRISVILLESunday, November 04, 201837USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS K-12 NOV 3 2018MORRISVILLESaturday, November 03, 201826USCF Crosstablewebsite
BURLINGTON G60 IIIBURLINGTONSaturday, November 03, 20188USCF Crosstable-
REVERSE ANGLE 90CHARLOTTESaturday, November 03, 201840USCF Crosstablewebsite
HVCC 33HENDERSONSaturday, November 03, 201821USCF Crosstable-
CLEAR CREEK ICHARLOTTESaturday, November 03, 20184USCF Crosstable-
WTCC VS. WILSON CHESS 11/2RALEIGHFriday, November 02, 201812USCF Crosstable-
2018 NCSU LADDER 5RALEIGHThursday, November 01, 20189USCF Crosstable-
JAY M ROBINSON FALL INTRAMURAL 2018CHARLOTTEThursday, November 01, 201846USCF Crosstable-
HALLOWEEN WEEK TOURNEYWILSONTuesday, October 30, 201812USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS LEAGUE OCT 28 2018MORRISVILLESunday, October 28, 201848USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS OCT 28 2018 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, October 28, 201820USCF Crosstablewebsite
RANDOLPH FALL OPEN & SCHOLASTICCHARLOTTESaturday, October 27, 2018103USCF Crosstable-
MASTER TREK CXXXVIDURHAMSaturday, October 27, 201858USCF Crosstablewebsite
ALTO-2BURLINGTONFriday, October 26, 201849USCF Crosstable-
BLITZ @ NCSU 3RALEIGHThursday, October 25, 20186USCF Crosstable-
ACC HOBGOBLINASHEVILLEWednesday, October 24, 20188USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS 21 OCT 2018MORRISVILLESunday, October 21, 201824USCF Crosstablewebsite
THIS AND THAT OCT 2018MORRISVILLESaturday, October 20, 201848USCF Crosstable-
HVCC 32HENDERSONSaturday, October 20, 201814USCF Crosstable-
TRIAD RATED SCHOLASTICGREENSBOROSaturday, October 20, 201810USCF Crosstable-
CCQIIIWINSTON-SALEMThursday, October 18, 20184USCF Crosstable-
MCALISTER'S XLVCHARLOTTEWednesday, October 17, 201829USCF Crosstable-
OCT 17- 22 QUICKWILSONWednesday, October 17, 20187USCF Crosstablewebsite
DISCRETIONHENDERSONVILLETuesday, October 16, 20188USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS OCT 14 2018 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, October 14, 201832USCF Crosstablewebsite
PHOENIX CLASSIC 2018MOORESVILLESaturday, October 13, 20188USCF Crosstable-
FAYETTEVILLE OPENFAYETTEVILLESaturday, October 13, 20187USCF Crosstable-
BURLINGTON G60 IIBURLINGTONSaturday, October 13, 201816USCF Crosstable-
FUE-GOR4CHARLOTTESaturday, October 13, 20182USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA: REVERSE ANGLE 89CHARLOTTESaturday, October 13, 201858USCF Crosstablewebsite
WECA OCT,2018WILSONSaturday, October 13, 201811USCF Crosstablewebsite
BLITZ @ NCSU 2RALEIGHThursday, October 11, 20183USCF Crosstable-
THE RICOCHET 161ASHEBOROTuesday, October 09, 20186USCF Crosstablewebsite