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Subscribe/Unsubscribe Pairing to SMS/Text

Tournament: 2018 National Junior High (K-9) Championship (April 6-8, 2018)

Name: SMS/Text
Relation to the player(s):
I want to:    

Please enter your name, email and phone number. To receive pairing in SMS/Text, select SUBSCRIBE and put USCFID in the textbox. You can put multiple USCFIDs. Put one USCFID each line, seperated by commas, or just copy-paste USCFIDs with other noise text* and the system will parse them. To stop select UNSUBSCRIBE, phone and email are required. No need to put USCFID if you want to unsubscribe from all USCFIDs.

Note: Noise text = When you copy-paste, you do not need to clean other words/text that is not USCFID. System will trying to find all USCFID in the text you paste. This way, if you need to subscribe a team, you can go to pre-registration team, select all players with USCFIDs in it, then paste here.

How does it work?

1. It is not an official USChess website feature, and not even listed/linked on their website. If you have any questions, just Contact Chess Stream with your questions, and we will try to help as much as possible.

2. Chess Stream will continue monitor official pairing pages. So instead you clicking and refreshing pairing page at the USChess website, we do it for you. As soon as it sees new pairing, it will read the pairing and take only information we need.

3. The system will check subscriber contacts in the Chess Stream database and send maximum 160 characters using SMS/Text. It will be 1 SMS/Text for 1 player pairing each round.

4. No need to reply the SMS since it is a machine.

5. In average it will take only around 5 minutes after the pairing is up to deliver on your phone. It is not a backdoor system, so we will never ever send you anything before it is on public, and we will send exact text that we see in the pairing for you.

6. USChess's disclaimer "Overnight Pairings are Subject to change. Please check again before the round". Chess Stream will send another SMS if there is any re-pairing in the section. Chess Stream only sends up 2 re-pairings each round. Please double check by clicking the link in the SMS/Text.

7. Your first SMS/Text will be sent when the next pairing is up (not the current one, if you register during the tournament).

8. It is a free service and no charge, but please do not subscribe more than 40 players for 1 phone.

9. If your relationship to the player is Family/Parent/Player, we may keep your subscription for next National Championship tournaments. If you are coach who subscribes your team members, please come back to this page to subscribe again on each National Championship tournaments.

10. Please feel free to unsubscribe if your phone no longer has any relations to the player(s), or not interested anymore to receive pairing to SMS/Text on your phone.

How to read the SMS/Text

Sample screenshot pairing to SMS/Text from ChessStream 1. Greeting [your name] if we have enough space before 160 characters.

2. Rd [round number]. In the sample, it is round 6.

3. Repair [number]. If it is first pairing of the round, there will be no word 'repair'.

4. (color). This is the color that your player will be playing. W=White, B=Black.

5. Table [number]. This is the table number that your player will be playing.

6. Name of the players.

7. [pts,team,rating]. Current pts (points/score) when the pairing is made.

8. Team name, and rating of the players.

9. Room [info]. If we have info of the room number, we put it here.

10. Link. You can click the link, and will be redirected to the official pairing page.