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1st Elite Invitational Tournament

G/20 d5; 4 Rounds


(USCF Rapid Rated Chess)

When: Saturday, September 1, 2018.

1:30 PM (we pair next round right after)

Where: Triangle Chess Center. 

5920 S Miami Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560

Event Host: Chacha Nugroho. (828) 413 0303

Email: chacha (at)

Entry Fee: $40. Minimum rating is 1500

No refund policy. Once you send commitment, you are under obligation to pay, come and play. Of course we understand any emergency situations.

Payout Prize: 75%!!!

Maximum Players: 12 Players

Minimum Players: 5 Players (if we get 5 players commited, we run the tournament).

No Free Entry to any title players.

We wait until 24 hours before the tournament to make decision if we go or cancel. Refund will be given if we cancel on this situation.



First Place: 45%, Second Place: 20%, Class (top bottom half): 10%. All depending total players.

So if we get 12 players, then 12x$40 = $480, 

First Place = $216,

Second Place = $96, and Class = $48.

 Regular September Rating Supplement will be used for pairing and prize, but USCF will only rate rapid rating.

No byes allowed. Zero Pts Bye.


Current commited players to play for Sept 1, 2018:


1. GM Elshan Moradiabadi (2627)

2. NM Aaron Balleisen (2320)

3. NM Emmanuel Carter (2263)

4. NM Oliver Fernando (2241)

5. NM Neo Zhu (2236)

6. NM Maurice Dana (2205)

7. Alex Chen (2171)

8. Dereck Laureano (2098)

9. Benjamin Snodgrass (2072)

10. Benjamin Yan (2048)

11. Naveen Prabhu (2035)

12. Ziyang Qiu (2006)


(No more seat left)



How we invite:

We send email to top North Carolina Players who have at least 2200 rating , and we wait (1 day), then we will email 2000 rated players, we wait (1 day), and we will email 1800 rated players. If you do not get email invitation (no heart feeling :), and you are 1500 rated player and like to play, please email me at chacha (at) because I may not have your email to contact. First Come First Served. If your commitment email/message comes, and then we reach maximum players, and later there is any higher rated players email/commitment, seat will be given to you, not the higher rated one, so please response my email or message me. Waiting list will be treated the same.



The games won't be broadcast online, but I have 2 DGT boards locally in case players want to play on it and record the game only. Games won't be published unless both players agree.



Regards, Chacha Nugroho.


I will add responses from invited players who sent me response already, so you know that they can't come:

Chris Mabe

Levan Bregadze

Daniel Cremisi

Magesh Panchanathan

Yokhan Dukhin

Matt Embler

Steve Wang

Grant Oen

Priyav Chandna

Peter Giannatos

Mark Biernacki

Robin Cunningham

Jonathan Schroer

Carlito Agner

Udayan Bapat