3 RoundS completed

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Perf.New Rating
1ISMAYIL ISMAYILLI 154981768822.5W 4W 9D 21205964
2JUDE PASULKA 1521910210162W 11D 6D 1935999
3MUJIB MOHAMMED 152341209462L 9W 7W 6922936
4DUSTIN MICHAEL HUGHES 149625037702L 1W 11W 9922794
5JUSTIN PASULKA 154676128521.5D 7L 8W 10851846
6GABRIEL PASULKA 154676068031.5W 10D 2L 3869810
7CLARENCE W DAVIS JR 157286067001.5D 5L 3W 11731731
8SOFIANE BOUFEDJI 1574862101.5-H-W 5-U-12461300
9GARY CHIEN 148727437821W 3L 1L 4799780
10CONNOR SINCLAIR LEWIS 152701175561L 6-B-L 5410531
11JONATHAN PHILIPS 157487528000L 2L 4L 7331331

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Draw,
H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye,
X = won/forfeit, F = list/forfeit, N = No Playing
Tiebreakers for trophies have been calculated at the final by Jeff Jones (Sr. TD).
New Rating is our internal calculation to estimate the new rating for each player. Actually rating adjustment, please check USCF.

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