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Chess Stream
2907 Alderman Ln
Durham, North Carolina 27705, USA
phone: (828)-413-0303

Online games/tournament/review/lecture/learning chess on demand

Dear chess friends and families. In covid-19 pandemic time, we face hard time to find over-the-board (face to face offline with physical chess board) rated games. But in this time too, we have more time in front of computer. Working from home, class from home, online school, and including online chess games and online tournaments.

What is chess on demand? In here you can request with your flexibilities when and how you want to have your USCF online rated games. Simple, just send us message including these information:

1. When you (your child) may be able to have it? i.e. Sunday 6 pm to 8 pm, Tuesday, etc. (weekly base schedule). We ask confirmation after finding best matches.

2. What is your (player) name, USCF ID? we will check your USCF tournament/game history.

3. Any other requirements? i.e. only looking certain rating range, only looking for blitz only, etc.

How do we conduct it? First we will keep your request and requirements. We will start communicating with you on email. We will compare to other requests. Once several request meet a good schedule, we send you proposal and you can confirm it:

A. We will find a tournament director that will conduct the games/match.

B. It will be online at +

C. It is USCF Online rated games. We will report the games to USCF ( as online rated.

D. Minimum players are 4 and maximum are 6 players in 3-6 rounds (1-3 hours). Maximum time control is G/29.

E. Zoom/Google Meet/Skype with audio and camera are required. Just like online meeting. This is to make fair games for all of us.

F. At the end, tournament director (we try to find 400+ rated than the players) will give you game reviews and lectures online about 30 minutes.

Who are available tournament directors/lectures? NM Emmanuel Carter (peak 2304), NM Alex Chen (peak 2206), Chacha Nugroho (peak 1846), RJ Raynoe (peak 1675), and Angela Chen (peak 1398)

How much it cost? $10 paid after we find a schedule for your. This will cover USCF rated fee, tournament director time conducting and watching players playing fair games, and lecture time (30 minutes in a group session).

Best fit? If you or your child is looking to improve chess, this is the best way to do it. Play and learn for 1-3 hours with only $10.

Send us message, we will reply:

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