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Sunday Sunlight 1 : Pairing and Standings help

Tournament Date: Sunday, August 06, 2017 (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Location: Triangle Chess Center

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Sunday Sunlight 1
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No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1JUNJIE DENG 1640521818285.5W 9W 5W 2W 3D 4W 8
2BILL CLAUSEN 1255266716455W 15W 6L 1W 9W 3W 4
3RJ RAYNOE 1475564713694W 7W 4W 8L 1L 2W 9
4JEFFREY LACOMB 1354035018773.5W 11L 3W 6W 8D 1L 2
5ALAN MICHAE ANDUX 1623024313773.5W 10L 1L 13W 14D 6W 11
6PATRICK TENORIO 1335525312753.5W 13L 2L 4W 7D 5W 12
7GASPAR GAMEZ GAMEZ 161387028613.5L 3D 11W 15L 6W 10W 13
8CAHYONO NUGROHO 1278019116123W 12W 16L 3L 4W 11L 1
9SUSHMA REDDY DASARI 1543878811783L 1W 10W 14L 2W 13L 3
10RYAN MILLER 1596949310343L 5L 9W 12W 16L 7W 15
11BRIAN LIANG 1451505411812.5L 4D 7W 16W 13L 8L 5
12CHRISTOPHER J HOLLEY 1548181411212L 8L 13L 10W 15W 14L 6
13LIOR MEDVINSKY 153604607072L 6W 12W 5L 11L 9L 7
14VICTOR ZHANG 157296786982-U-W 15L 9L 5L 12W 16
15KAI SUNG FORBACH 1531740611241L 2L 14L 7L 12W 16L 10
16DEREK MILLER 160359933091-B-L 8L 11L 10L 15L 14
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Rating = Rating used in the tournament,
Perf. = Tournament rating performance,
New Rating = Estimation of next rating after we report results to USCF. help


TableColorPlayer's NameResultUSCFRatingOpponent's NameRatingUSCFColorStatistic
6BlackJUNJIE DENG W164052181828CAHYONO NUGROHO 161212780191White
4WhiteBILL CLAUSEN W125526671645JEFFREY LACOMB 187713540350Black
7BlackRJ RAYNOE W147556471369SUSHMA REDDY DASARI 117815438788White
8WhiteALAN MICHAE ANDUX W162302431377BRIAN LIANG 118114515054Black
3BlackPATRICK TENORIO W133552531275CHRISTOPHER J HOLLEY 112115481814White
2WhiteGASPAR GAMEZ GAMEZ W16138702861LIOR MEDVINSKY 70715360460Black
5BlackRYAN MILLER W159694931034KAI SUNG FORBACH 112415317406White
1BlackVICTOR ZHANG W15729678698DEREK MILLER 30916035993White

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Draw,
H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye,
X = won/forfeit, F = list/forfeit, N = No Playing