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Raleigh, NC

Players Games

Scholastic Players:

#USCF IDStudent NameGender*Current RatingGradeGames
114968001SAMUEL HILBERTM11349 1 game
215892450NICHOLAS PORTERM9288 
315835293JACOB LIMM8337 
415226355ENOCH LIVINGS JOOM80510 
515273102CONNOR OUTLAWM75512 
616995327BRYCE YANGM7419 
715835355KURT MATTESONM72012 2 games
815382626AADESH ANCHALIYAM65811 1 game
915998965BLASE HARRISSM6437 
1016328696JONATHAN INBUM LEEM6196 
1116543311CAMERON LANGEM6177 
1215227301CONNOR GRIFFINM5179 1 game
1315729491NATE ELLINGTONM4747 
1416328681JESSICA LIMF4706 
1515273117AIDAN OUTLAWM4499 1 game
1615273123LOGAN ALAN OUTLAWM3889 
1715835471TREVOR MULLIGANM3847 
1815279248KEATON M MONVILLEM3429 
1916543332KYLE LANGEM3406 
2016650378RONIN HARRISSM3385 
2115118253ALEXANDER J TRENTM2668 4 games
2215573126CY BOMBARDM2156 
2415599382ISAAC DANIE BOYERM1326 

If you know any players who have wrong school information (name or grade), please tell us here. Gender information is pulled from USCF, so if it is not correct please let USCF know first and then let us know to update in our database.