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2019 Ticks : Pairing and Standings help

Tournament Date: Tuesday, January 01, 2019
Location: Triangle Chess Center,
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No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6
1LEVAN BREGADZE 1495579525685.5-H-W 34W 16W 11W 2W 7
2EMMANUEL CARTER 1399395122645W 32W 14W 10W 4L 1W 12
3ARTHUR L ALLEN 1000424120134.5W 33W 18D 13W 6-H--H-
4JOHN SMITHWICK 1020702920134.5W 27W 22W 5L 2W 11D 9
5MATT EMBLER 1353139819824.5W 36W 20L 4D 18W 13W 14
6NEO ZHU 1454689522124-H-D 12W 9L 3W 35W 15
7NAVEEN PRABHU 1494928421124W 25W 15L 11W 22W 8L 1
8ARYA KUMAR 1576867220254W 35L 16W 33W 13L 7W 23
9BENJAMIN SNODGRASS 1495640520174W 26D 17L 6W 28W 24D 4
10TED W HALSTEAD 1033000919924W 29W 19L 2L 24W 26W 22
11ANAND BHATT 1353999219924W 28W 23W 7L 1L 4W 24
12PATRICK SCIACCA 1123561120983.5-H-D 6W 17W 19D 15L 2
13ERICKSON SMITH 1283894319643.5W 21W 24D 3L 8L 5W 25
14THOMAS C ADAMS IV 1269329119543.5W 45L 2W 26W 25D 16L 5
15KEVIN Y XI 1508616619353.5W 30L 7W 35W 23D 12L 6
16LEO YUNLONG YU 1532032617993.5W 37W 8L 1W 20D 14-U-
17SAMUEL INDERMAUR 1472691717793.5W 38D 9L 12W 34D 18-H-
18PATRICK KENGSOONTRA 1577727716873.5W 43L 3W 29D 5D 17D 19
19ASHA KUMAR 1577302716423.5W 48L 10W 36L 12W 38D 18
20GARY MALTZMAN 1200088016353.5W 31L 5W 37L 16W 29-H-
21SAI KHUSHAL DULAM 1632835112003.5L 13W 47L 23D 32W 41W 34
22YOGYA KONERU 1549042516753W 46L 4W 34L 7W 28L 10
23ERIC NGUYEN 1640112616673W 40L 11W 21L 15W 27L 8
24SRAVANKUMAR GADEPALLY 1643696116333W 42L 13W 39W 10L 9L 11
25JOSH BHATT 1445862315163L 7W 30W 46L 14W 36L 13
26SRIRAAM KUMAR 1523386014733L 9W 38L 14W 30L 10W 36
27SAICHARAN VALISEKKAGARI 1625088512383L 4L 46W 48W 33L 23-B-
28RYAN MILLER 1596949312243L 11W 31W 41L 9L 22W 38
29MATTHEW ODOM 1274922012113L 10W 48L 18W 39L 20W 41
30HARVIK KOLLA 1530911811363L 15L 25W 31L 26W 37W 35
31TAUSIQTEJA THOKALA 166311648463L 20L 28L 30W 47W 48W 39
32DAVID BOROWSKI 1257872615792.5L 2L 37W 40D 21-H--H-
33ANDY CEELEN 1257260314712.5L 3W 40L 8L 27W 46-H-
34ANTARA DURBHA 1573286515802W 47L 1L 22L 17W 43L 21
35MICHAEL POTTS 1147019015002L 8W 43L 15W 37L 6L 30
36SAMUEL EBERT 1672557212102L 5W 42L 19W 46L 25L 26
37SAI VACHAN KOMMIREDDY 1605840410842L 16W 32L 20L 35L 30W 46
38CHRISTOPHER PAOLANTONIO 1604534510422L 17L 26W 42W 43L 19L 28
39HEMADITHYA PUJARI 1600445510092-H--H-L 24L 29W 40L 31
40SAI VIHAAN KOMMIREDDY 160821859012L 23L 33L 32W 42L 39-B-
41AARYAN PUJARI 160647858822-H--H-L 28W 48L 21L 29
42LIOR MEDVINSKY 153604608432L 24L 36L 38L 40W 47W 48
43NOAH CEELEN 158167059701.5L 18L 35W 47L 38L 34-H-
44CAHYONO NUGROHO 1278019117191-H--H--U--U--U--U-
45MARK INDERMAUR 1511040714241L 14-H--H--U--U--U-
46DHRUV VIVEK 167540409521L 22W 27L 25L 36L 33L 37
47AHAAN SHYAM RUNGTA 154672778000.5L 34L 21L 43L 31L 42-H-
48ANKIT DURBHA 159787218520L 19L 29L 27L 41L 31L 42
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Perf. = Tournament rating performance,
New Rating = Estimation of next rating after we report results to USCF. help


TableColorPlayer's NameResultUSCFRatingOpponent's NameRatingUSCFColorStatistic
2WhiteEMMANUEL CARTER W139939512264PATRICK SCIACCA 209811235611Black
1WhiteNAVEEN PRABHU L149492842112LEVAN BREGADZE 256814955795Black
BYEARTHUR L ALLEN H100042412013 
3WhiteBENJAMIN SNODGRASS D149564052017JOHN SMITHWICK 201310207029Black
4WhiteMATT EMBLER W135313981982THOMAS C ADAMS IV 195412693291Black
5WhiteKEVIN Y XI L150861661935NEO ZHU 221214546895Black
BYELEO YUNLONG YU U153203261799 
6WhiteARYA KUMAR W157686722025ERIC NGUYEN 166716401126Black
7WhiteANAND BHATT W135399921992SRAVANKUMAR GADEPALLY 163316436961Black
8WhiteYOGYA KONERU L154904251675TED W HALSTEAD 199210330009Black
9WhiteASHA KUMAR D157730271642PATRICK KENGSOONTRA 168715777277Black
10WhiteJOSH BHATT L144586231516ERICKSON SMITH 196412838943Black
11WhiteANTARA DURBHA L157328651580SAI KHUSHAL DULAM 120016328351Black
12WhiteMICHAEL POTTS L114701901500HARVIK KOLLA 113615309118Black
13WhiteSRIRAAM KUMAR W152338601473SAMUEL EBERT 121016725572Black
BYEANDY CEELEN H125726031471 
14WhiteCHRISTOPHER PAOLANTONIO L160453451042RYAN MILLER 122415969493Black
15WhiteAARYAN PUJARI L16064785882MATTHEW ODOM 121112749220Black
16WhiteTAUSIQTEJA THOKALA W16631164846HEMADITHYA PUJARI 100916004455Black
17WhiteSAI VACHAN KOMMIREDDY W160584041084DHRUV VIVEK 95216754040Black
BYENOAH CEELEN H15816705970 
18WhiteANKIT DURBHA L15978721852LIOR MEDVINSKY 84315360460Black

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Draw,
H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye,
X = won/forfeit, F = list/forfeit, N = No Playing

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