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Players Games

Scholastic Players:

#USCF IDStudent NameGender*Current RatingGradeGames
114320153NIKHIL SARINM146310 3 games
214814268PRAN CHOCKALINGAMM143510 4 games
313971250AKSHAY PRAMODM142711 1 game
414980426TYLER XIAM13949 8 games
514515054BRIAN LIANGM119810 7 games
613887882SRAVY KUCHIBHOTLAF115911 
716551531KEVIN XUM112810 
815181571AUSTIN YAOM10719 
915572694ERIC CHENM106410 
1015152862ASHWIN SENTHILM100710 2 games
1115320106MAXWELL SUM86611 
1214359792SHAAN STEPHENM83811 
1314058768NOAH J LINDENBERGM79710 
1414236173AMAY PATELM7919 
1514999471GUNA YARRAMAREDDYM76312 
1614615815ANTHONY CUIM6999 
1714314652RUSSELL S KIMM67010 
1814405201WILLY LANM66511 
1914523755NICHOLAS COEM6369 
2015018908JUNSUNG LEEM6319 
2114653768VISHAL B TRIVEDIM5969 
2215835402REDMUND CHENM57311 
2314328495COLIN ADKINSM5379 
2413884490KAAS CHILAKAMARRIM50611 
2514715175SYAM MULLAPUDIM4969 
2614314667THEODORE J KIMM4759 
2814545666KENNETH G WANGM3839 
2914969218ANDREA ARAYAM3609 
3015835218ELLIOT CHENM31810 
3115000671GERALD WITHERSM2219 
3215633698DIVJOT GILLM1689 
3315183562MIKO GALLEGOM1459 
3414980385YUTIKA AGGARWALM1019 
3515167672ALEXANDER NASKOVM1019 
3615078543BENET YUAN GEM1009 
3799000167DIVJOT GILLM09 1 game

Coaches, Parents and Supporters:

USCF IDPlayer NameCurrent RatingGamesNote
10118131JONATHAN SCHROER2423 31 gamesmentor

If you know any players who have wrong school information (name or grade), please tell us here. Gender information is pulled from USCF, so if it is not correct please let USCF know first and then let us know to update in our database.